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Hi, lovely people! I’m Nisha, and welcome to The Laws of Bliss. I’m a travel-loving, food-loving lawyer-turned-foodie living in Brooklyn, New York.

The Laws of Bliss originated with my career as a lawyer. I practiced corporate law and after two unhappy years, I quit to backpack around the world for six months. It was the best decision of my life, and it opened my eyes to the importance of living my life with adventure, laughter, and authenticity.

I returned to the law but remained unhappy professionally, which made personal fulfillment all the more important to me. Hence, the Laws of Bliss–the pursuit of routines, practices, and ideas that make me happy and healthy.

Being healthy is often equated with skinny ladies eating salads and glistening while marching on an elliptical, but for me, good health is so much more (interesting). It involves treating your body with care and self-love, getting plenty of sleep, being grateful for everything and everyone in your life, meditating, staying organized, being kind, staying active, cultivating a childlike sense of wonder, and laughing. And making really delicious food and sharing it with others.

These days, I no longer work in law (I work in food!), but the laws behind my bliss are equally important. Here, you’ll find a mix of content, including unsolicited advice on how to live a happier life, tasty vegan recipes, my travel photos, and tips on food photography. Hope you enjoy it and drop me a line if you do.

Hugs and big wet kisses,